Top ten of Famous Tiktokers.

If you probably did not know these famous young influencers, today we will present you the top 10 of the main TikTok stars, what they do and how they became famous.


Jayden Croes - 20 million

TikTok ID: @jaydencroes

This 21 year old boy was born on Aruba's island. It rose to fame thanks to the famous platform and now it is revolutionizing tiktok.

Jannat Zubair - 20.5 million

TikTok ID: @ jannat_zubair29

Jannat Zubair Rahmani is an Indian film and television actress. She is 18 years old, very loved by people, which has given her success on TikTok. You currently have one of the most popular accounts in India

Nisha Guragain - 21.6 million

TikTok ID: @nishaguragain

Nisha Guragain is a 22-year-old Indian woman who capitalizes on viral trends, recording lip-sync videos on songs that are growing in popularity among the TikTok community.

Arishfa Khan - 21.8 million

Tiktok ID: @arishfakhan

She gained a huge following for her lip sync videos on her TikTok account and her funny videos

Awez Darbar - 22.4 million

TikTok ID: @awezdarbar

Awez Darbar is an 18-year-old dancer from India who has won the hearts of the people with his dance, his original choreography and his funny talent.

Kristen Hancher - 23.4 million

Tiktok ID: @kristenhancher

Kristen Hancher is a 20-year-old who has gained fame making lip sync videos, as well as dozens of hair color change videos.

Riyaz Aly - 28.7 million

Tiktok ID: @ riyaz.14

Riyaz Afreen is a 16-year-old boy, who has established himself as an actor and star by going viral on TikTok

He often features other popular TikTok stars from India on his accounts, including Mr. Faisu and Aashika Bhatia.

 Baby Ariel - 30.3 million

Tiktok ID: @babyariel

The eminent TikTok fame of this 19-year-old teenager has given her the great opportunity to take her to multiple performances on the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon television shows.

Zach King - 34.7 million

TikTok ID: @zachking

He is popular with the TikTok community, due to his 6-second videos, which he calls "digital sleight of hand." Also, he is very famous with “magic vines” on TikTok.

Loren Gray - 39.3 million

TikTok ID: @lorengray

At 17, Loren has been the most followed person on TikTok, and since then, she has remained # 1 on the TikTok star list.

Also, he earned nominations at the Teen Choice Awards and received an award at the People's Choice Awards, for which he became a singer and a great social media personality.

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