Vaccination continues to be delayed. Frontline TN workers hesitate to receive COVID-19 vaccine

The covid-19 is still doing its thing and now the vaccination protocol looks like it will take longer than estimated

The fear of COVID-19 vaccines is more present in hospitals. Many people have expressed their fear of getting vaccinated since many of the side effects of this medication are still unknown. Experts also say the government should do more to address concerns and fears about COVID-19 vaccines.


A 40-year-old sanitation worker, who works for the Chennai Corporation on a contract basis, was working tirelessly during the complete shutdown without interruption. And despite the real risk of contracting the new coronavirus because of his profession, he now says, "More than COVID-19, I'm afraid to get the vaccine.

Like the 40-year-old sanitation worker, many other frontline warriors also hesitate to take the vaccine, which is voluntary, in the first phase. Their fear stems from a lack of transparency about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines.

 It's not just me, but several health workers are afraid to get vaccinated. Why are we selected to take the vaccines first? 

Expressed one of the people destined to contract the vaccine

On Saturday, the Indian government launched the world's largest vaccination campaign to administer two vaccines: Covaxin and Covishield among health workers and frontline personnel. At the end of the day, 2,783 health workers in Tamil Nadu received the vaccine, 2,684 health workers took the Covishield vaccine from the Serum Institute of India (SII) and 99 people took Covaxin from Bharat Biotech.


On Sunday, 3029 health care workers in Tamil Nadu received doses of COVID-19 vaccine and of the total, 182 people received doses of Covaxin. However, Tamil Nadu registered only 20.11% of its vaccination target on Sunday, only slightly higher than on day 1, when the state achieved 18.83% of its target.

While those who receive the vaccine will not have a choice between the two vaccines, they can volunteer to opt out. Those receiving Covaxin will need to sign a consent form as phase 3 clinical trials for Bharat Biotech's COVID-19 vaccine are still ongoing.


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