What does it mean to dream about being shot?

There is nothing more distressing than to see yourself surrounded by problems that become bigger and bigger while you feel smaller and smaller, and, finally, completely overwhelmed. That feeling of vulnerability and weakness can be recreated by your subconscious when you dream of being shot. Find out more about the meaning of dreaming about being shot.

Dreams, though sometimes recreate Kafkaesque situations without any apparent connection with reality, are the subconscious representation of your of desires, wishes and feelings from real life. Your mind uses situations and images that symbolise your real mood, and that is what happens when you dream of getting shot.

Your dreams open the doors of imagination

This dream is more recurrent than you may think. Many people wake up overwhelmed by the nightmare of being shot. Sometimes, you are in the midst of a conflict that ends up with shootings, but other times, this happens suddenly, without any apparent reason. Sometimes you even get to feel the bullets piercing your body. So, what does it mean to dream about getting shot?

Do not worry: this distressing dream is not a premonition. Your life is not in danger. If you overcome your initial fear and analyse the details of the dream, you will discover a very useful message. Dreaming that you are shot indicates a feeling of weakness and vulnerability in the face of problems or other people.

There are many variations of this type of dream, and there are surprising and revealing meanings that will help you deal with current setbacks. Generally speaking, you should remember that dreaming about being shot is not a bad sign. It encourages you to become stronger.

Dreaming about being shot: Different types of this dream

Dreaming of getting shot is a revealing message representing a feeling of vulnerability and fragility, a starting point for overcoming certain complexes and limitations, and becoming stronger and more confident. But there is more, so check out the variations of this type of dream. 

Dreaming about being shot and still living

Dreaming that you are shot is a strong expression of feeling some kind of danger or threat in your real life. You feel that something violates your sense of security. When you are shot many times but do not die, you must reconsider the way you deal with your problems. This dream suggests that your worries are exaggerated, and you can easily handle these setbacks.

Dreaming about being shot and dying

Dreaming of getting shot and dying is more distressing, but its meaning is very clear, so pay attention. When you are only a witness that gets shot, but you are not involved in the conflict, it suggests the need to break the monotony of your life and find new motivation. It also expresses the need to feel safer in the face of threats.

Dreaming about being shot in the back

This is a dream related to the idea of betrayal but, beyond that, it expresses the feeling of distress that overwhelms you due to the problems that haunt you and make you feel vulnerable, as well as escape your control. That feeling of chaos and of being overwhelmed is what leads you to dream about being shot in the back because your mind recreates the feeling that you are not in control of the situation.

Dreaming about being shot in the head

This is an instinctive dream that originates from dreaming of getting shot.  However, in this case, the threat feels much more intense, the danger of dying seems more real (which is a metaphor for ending up overwhelmed by problems). Besides, it shows your mental block and your failure to find a rational way out of the problems that overwhelm you.

Dreaming about bullets piercing your body 

This is a strange, recurrent and very revealing dream, in which the feeling of vulnerability intensifies and the experience of dreaming about being shot seems shockingly real. For a moment, you really think you are getting shot, which is a clear sign of the great distress that burdens you in real life due to the problems that have to be solved as soon as possible.

Dreaming about being shot in the chest

This dream is very symbolic since it indicates that your problems are related to people you know, who form part of your circle of friends. Particularly, it is about emotional concerns. The dream may convey the idea of a betrayal or a disappointment regarding the behaviour of a person that is very important to you.

Dreaming about shots fired in the air

This is a very peculiar dream although it is quite recurrent. Dreaming of shots fired in the air expresses the feeling of fear when undertaking a project or putting into practice an idea, as well as showing your feelings to a person. It warns you to set aside your fears and insecurities and take control of your life, being confident of your chances of success.

Dreaming about shooting yourself

Dreaming of committing suicide has a very clear meaning: it expresses your personal revival, your discovery of a more confident, decided and resolute version of yourself. You are leaving behind those traits that stop you from your personal growth and progress, and you are prepared to face all the challenges that will lead you towards individual achievement and success in life.

Dreaming about being shot and bleed

This dream is related to your problems with your friends. In your private life, dreaming of getting shot and seeing blood is synonymous with bad relationships with people around you, something you need to fix as soon as possible so that the problems stop haunting you. In the workplace, it makes you choose your company better. Also, it may warn you of a possible betrayal at work.

Dreaming about being shot at home

The house, in the world of dreams, symbolises the utmost expression of security. Therefore, dreaming about being shot while you are at home implies a feeling of innermost vulnerability. If you dream that you are shot at home, you are probably distressed by problems that put your physical integrity at risk, which may be related to an illness. 


Therefore, dreaming of getting shot is directly linked to your distress in the face of the problems that make you feel vulnerable. Perhaps it is a real and worrying threat, or you have a lot of problems that overwhelm you.

In any case, if you dream about being shot and dying, it suggests that these problems are not as serious as they seem. So, if you are determined, even only slightly, you will manage to overcome them. By contrast, if you get shot but you do not die, it means that the feeling of weakness and inferiority in the face of setbacks is becoming truly alarming, and you have to face it as soon as possible.

When you shoot yourself, it means that you are becoming a new person, who is growing in a positive way. Dreaming about being shot in the back reveals your lack of control over your problems while dreaming about being shot in the chest indicates betrayals and disagreements with people you know. The dreams in which you are shot in the head suggest your mental block when it comes to finding a rational solution to your problems.

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