World smile day 2020: learn how to take care of it

The smile is a gesture that produces many benefits. When we smile, our body releases endorphins and serotonins, two hormones that make us feel happier, less stressed and improve our mood.

World smile day: learn how to take care of it

Smiling is part of the universal language, it is free and it helps us in many areas of life: in seduction, in professional life, in our self-esteem. Generates security in oneself and in others. And it is contagious.

A smile and a healthy mouth go through eating properly

But we have to remember that it is not only healthy to smile, but to take care of the mouth, in its external and internal part to enjoy a better life away from diseases.

Here are some tips to take care of this precious well:

The smile is a gesture that produces many benefits.

Laughter therapy

One way that our laughter improves, especially if we haven't done it for a long time, are laughter therapy sessions. With this we are increasing the frequency of doing it and we also talk about its quality. In times like today it is important to carry out such actions.

Let go of bad habits

Smoking, drinking alcohol or not removing make-up from this area every day can be bad habits that reduce the beauty of our mouth and therefore of the smile. It is easy to end these bad habits since it is about reducing them little by little.

Smile is contagious

Dental treatments

To offer a better and better smile there are many treatments that can be applied. It especially happens when the teeth are somewhat crooked, crowded or there are gaps between them. Orthodontics is one of the most important and effective treatments in this sense, they are no longer intended for children but for all people.

Good nutrition

A smile and a healthy mouth go through eating properly. Sugar, salt, fat, gas all affect this organ. Eating healthy has many benefits, such as having a better mouth.

Smile is part of the universal language

Prevention is always better

To avoid applying some of the treatments seen before, prevention is always the best cure because we will avoid expensive sessions in time and money. In this sense, it is worth applying some of the advice seen above and also going to the dentist.

Come on, smile, be happy!

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