YouTube launched "Shorts" and its premiere will be in India

Youtube announced the launch of Youtube Shorts, the alternative to TikTok with which pieces of videos with a duration of no more than 15 seconds can be made.

YouTube launched "Shorts" and its premiere will be in India

A few months ago the possible launch of a new platform for the creation of short videos had been announced, and YouTube decided to bring it to the market faster than expected, the function will begin to be implemented as a beta version available only in India.

YouTube launched " Shorts"

The interface of the new "Shorts" tool will allow you to record and upload your vertical videos on YouTube channels, it will also be possible to edit various video clips and place music on them that you can select from a large free library that is included. 

The interface of the new  "Shorts"

It is not known why India was chosen for the launch, but remember that a few months ago the use of at least 50 similar applications, including TikTok, was suspended.

In the statement they state that "Shorts" will expand to other markets as the product becomes more refined and new features are added.

Here you have a video to get to know the app even more!

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