Ghee recipe homemade, it is highly valued for its health benefits, you will love it!

Ghee or clarified butter is a process that is carried out on butter in which the milk solids and the water that the fat contains are separated.

Ghee recipe homemade, it is highly valued for its health benefits, you will love it!

Ghee, also called a "golden elixir" by the Ayurveda, is a type of clarified butter that has been part of traditional Indian cuisine for thousands of years. Highly valued for its health benefits, it is so versatile that it can be transferred to any kitchen.

Clarified butter means that the water in the milk has evaporated and the solids - mostly proteins and sugars - have been set aside, leaving only the fat left. Ghee is the same thing, but with a difference: in its production process it heats up for a longer time, and achieves a smokier point and a sweet flavor reminiscent of walnuts.

It is delicious and combines almost with any dish and even with some drinks.It is generally done by melting the butter and removing the foam it leaves on the surface while the water in the butter evaporates from the heat.


 500 grams of Butter

 1 pinch of salt

 1 pinch of Pepper

 1 unit of Glass Jar

 1 unit of Spoon

 1 unit of bowl


Bring a pan over medium heat and add the butter.

Once the butter is melting, observe how a foam forms on the surface when it melts, these are the milk solids that we are going to remove to clarify the butter.

Prepare a bowl with a teaspoon or spoon to make the ghee recipe.

Once the butter has completely melted, lower the heat, it is important that you control the temperature of the fire to prevent it from burning. Then, begin to remove with the help of the spoon or spoon the foam that is on top of the butter.

These are milk solids that we are going to remove to form our ghee, until we remove all the foam we are not going to obtain clarified butter.

While the butter is boiling, the water evaporates and large bubbles are formed that boil strongly, do not panic, it is a normal process.

You must be very careful and be aware of the clarified butter recipe to prevent it from burning, turn off the heat and see how the clarified butter takes an intense yellow, or it can also take a hazelnut color. Let cool a little to be able to sink without preventing you from burning.

Once warm, you should preferably bottle in a sterilized glass jar. The good thing about this clarified butter is that its process allows it to be a butter that withstands very high temperatures and does not burn, since all impurities have been removed and it has a longer shelf life than normal butter. Take the clarified butter to the refrigerator or fridge so that it is stiff.

If you want, you can use the foam that we remove from the butter in other recipes, or discard it. The use you give it is something more personal, but remember that this is like the impurity of butter.

Once clarified butter becomes solid, you can use it to make many preparations, especially Indian food where this preparation is originally from. If you want you can make flavored ghee, that is, if you add coconut, garlic, Provençal grass, rosemary, etc., you will have a ghee with a different flavor.


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