Meet the Angel Sponge Cake: the fluffiest, ultralight and low in calories of all. Do it in just 2 steps!

This cake hails from the United States, where it began to be made in the mid-nineteenth century and was called Angel Cake because it was so fluffy and light that it could only be “angel food”. It is ultralight because it does not contain fat: neither oil, nor butter. It requires only 6 ingredients and is prepared in a few minutes

It even has its day n the United States: October 10 is Angel Cake Day. That's how popular it is in North America. Contains 65% fewer calories than any cake in its class. It is believed to have originated in Pennsylvania and became popular in the mid-19th century because it coincided with the market entry of a rotary egg beater (patented in 1865) that made it easier to prepare.

Typical Angel Cake

If you stick to the traditional, you should do it in a mold with a tube in the middle, so that it remains with that regal and elegant form of haute pastry. If you don't have it, you can place a can (add a little weight so that it is fixed in the center and incidentally you grease it and add flour so that the dough does not stick). So when you decorate it you can put a little cream in the middle, which will spill as soon as you cut it (it will look like a volcano!).

You can also do it in any mold, because it will be fluffy anyway. Remember that you should not open the oven before the indicated time, because if not, the cake is lowered.

To make this Cake or Angel Cake you will need:


  1. Turn the oven to 320ºF (160º C), grease a mold and cover it with flour (or better yet, grease it and line it with parchment paper, so it will be easier to unmold it).
  2. Beat the whites a little and add the cream of tartar (the key to maintaining the fluffiness and stability of the whites and therefore the cake). Start with medium speed and when they are foamy, add the sifted icing sugar. Beat at higher speed until peaks form.
  3. Sift the flour and common sugar. Add these dry ingredients little by little to the whites, in an enveloping way. Add the vanilla and mix well. Pour this foamy mixture into the pan and bake for 35 minutes. Wait for it to cool to unmold.

* This recipe is from the unique pastry chef Anna Olson, through

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