Oxygenate your brain and improve its performance with these two powerful juices

Over the years, some mental and cognitive abilities are lost, but that can be prevented and even reversed, as recent research shows. Believe it or not, the ways to achieve it not only use "exercises" like crosswords, but also drinks like these that we suggest to keep your brain young

With these fruit and vegetable juices you can prevent the deterioration of your brain, just by drinking them regularly, as some recent research has shown. The main ingredients are blueberries and beets (beets), which means that it is not that difficult to get your brain “in shape”.

Delicius Blueberries to improve your mental health

What Effects Do Blueberries And Beets Have On Your Brain?

For example, it has been discovered, through research, that beet juice benefits brain health because it contains nitrates, which are converted into nitric oxide, which is the substance that dilates blood vessels and allows better blood circulation. Even in the research it was determined that the regions that benefited from these effects were the frontal ones ("an area associated with high-level thinking, such as decision-making and working memory," says the aforementioned study from the University of Wake Forest, North Carolina).

In the case of blueberries, they are believed to be the highest antioxidant fruits of all. Specifically in the case of the brain, these antioxidants can affect areas essential for intelligence and can also help "recover" aging neurons. One study showed improvements in brain functions in a group of people who drank blueberry juice daily.

The Agricultural Research Service of the United States has indicated that the consumption of blueberries increases the emergence of new cells in the hippocampus (responsible for memory).

Both blueberries and beets are noted as capable of reducing the risk of dementia or the effects of Alzheimer's.

You can't miss blueberries on your next trip to the store

The ideal is to take them alone, but accompanying them with other fruits makes them more digestible (blueberries are very acidic and the taste of beets alone is not pleasant for everyone) and does not reduce the effects on our body.

Blueberries with pomegranate

Remember that to extract the juice from the pomegranates, you can use a citrus juicer: cut the pomegranates in half and lightly press against the extractor as if it were a citrus fruit. Or you can also extract the seeds, blend them with a little water and then strain the juice.
Blend the blueberries with the pomegranate juice. You can sweeten with your favorite option: agave syrup, stevia or honey.

Beet with mandarin and ginger

Squeeze the tangerines and pour the juice into the blender. Wash and peel the beets, chop them into pieces and put them together with the tangerine juice. Add the peeled ginger piece. Blend. If the fiber bothers you, you can strain it, but the idea is to take it with everything. Sweeten if you prefer.

This juice is also used to cleanse the liver and lower blood pressure.

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