Prepare the best homemade nutella, easy, creamy, and healthy

The cocoa cream with hazelnuts, popularly known as Nocilla or Nutella, is a recipe inspired by the traditional Piedmontese gianduia, a chocolate cream with hazelnut paste that was invented in Turin (Italy), as a result of the shortage of cocoa during the wars Napoleonic.

Prepare the best homemade nutella, easy, creamy, and healthy

This delicious sweet is very versatile, since it can be eaten on toast, spoonfuls, or as the main ingredient in countless sweet recipes that will delight those with a sweet tooth.

Most of the chocolate creams on the market have "sugar" as the first ingredient, in this homemade nutella it is the last. Not to mention the fats. In this version there is coconut oil, you can eliminate it if you do not like it, you will only have to increase liquid, in this case milk.

Or substitute it with another fat of your choice, such as olive oil, Arberquina variety. The recipe has an 85% chocolate bar, if you think the final result lacks sweetness you can always add honey –or more sugar (without overdoing it) - and the next time make the recipe with 70% chocolate.


 300 g of roasted hazelnuts without skin and without salt

 340 g dark chocolate

 5 tablespoons of coconut oil or any vegetable oil

 1 tablespoon of vanilla essence

 a pinch of salt

 2 tablespoons of brown sugar


1 The first step in making this delicious homemade nutella recipe is to prepare the hazelnut spread. To do this, pulverize the brown sugar in a mill, blender or food processor to make the sugar turn into icing sugar or powdered sugar.

Next, put the hazelnuts and icing sugar in a mincer and blend at maximum power. The mincing time will be as long as necessary to obtain a paste with a creamy texture similar to hazelnut cream. When it has the necessary texture, leave it in a bowl and reserve.

Brown sugar is healthier than refined sugar, but if you want to make a sugar-free nutella recipe, you can go for other healthy sugar substitutes. For example, you can use 40 g of date paste or about 2 level tablespoons of stevia.

2 Take another microwave-safe bowl or container and put the dark chocolate previously cut into small portions in it. Put in the microwave and heat on medium power in 30 second intervals. After each interval of time, remove the bowl and stir with a spatula so that the chocolate is melting. By heating the chocolate in this way, we control it more and prevent it from burning.

3 Pour the melted chocolate, the coconut oil, the pinch of salt and the hazelnut cream that we had reserved in the first step into a food processor or blender. Beat little by little, observing the mixture of this homemade nutella fit until you see that its texture is creamy.

4 Put the mixture in a glass container with a lid and put the homemade healthy nutella in the fridge for at least 2 hours. It will thicken and take on the consistency of cocoa cream.

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