Prepare these sweet, soft and versatile sweet crepes quickly and easily

Crepes are pancakes of French origin made with flour, milk, egg and butter. It is a very versatile recipe that can be used in sweet or savory dishes, as a starter, main course or as a dessert.

Prepare these sweet, soft and versatile sweet crepes quickly and easily

Although the same ingredients are used, crepes differ from pancakes or pancakes because they do not contain yeast, they are very thin and not fluffy.


 250 gr of flour

 375 ml whole milk

 2 eggs

 15 grams of butter

 30 grams of sugar

 5 ml of vanilla essence

You will need to:

 1 bowl

 1 frying pan



1 To start preparing this delicious recipe for homemade sweet crepes, first you have to melt the butter. Put the butter in a small bowl and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds.


2 Once melted, pour into a larger bowl to mix with the rest of the ingredients. After the butter, add the milk, sugar, vanilla, and eggs. Beat with a wire mixer or hand-held whisk.

3 As the ingredients are integrated and the mixture acquires a homogeneous texture, add the flour little by little while continuing to beat. Adding it this way will prevent lumps from coming out. Finish adding the flour and continue beating until the mixture is smooth.

4 Once you have the dough for sweet crepes ready, cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and let it rest in the fridge for a couple of hours. This will help make the crepes texture more elastic and spread more easily through the pan.

5 Put a frying pan over high heat and grease with a little oil or butter. It is important that the pan is very hot before greasing.

6 With the help of a saucepan or a large spoon, place a tablespoon of the sweet crepe mix on the pan. It is not necessary that you spread it or pour the mixture making the shape rounded. The simplest thing is to place the mixture in the center of the pan and spread it on its own.

7 To turn it over, you just have to take off the edge of the crepe a little, you can help yourself by lifting it with a spatula. Our advice is that once you take it off with the spatula, pick it up with your fingers and turn it over with your fingers.

8 Once you have removed your sweet crepe, place it on a plate and repeat the operation until all the crepes that come out are made (with this recipe you will get around 15 or more).

9 When you have them all done, it only remains to fill them and prepare them to eat.

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