Pumpkin gulab: easy, gluten-free and with all the benefits of pumpkin

Coated in sugar and cinnamon, these fritters are tasty because they contain pumpkin puree that is shaped with cornstarch. They are fried in sunflower oil, but do not discard them as an alternative to starter or appetizer.

Pumpkin gulab: easy, gluten-free and with all the benefits of pumpkin

Pumpkin is one of the healthiest vegetables on the market, ideal for weight loss treatments and other procedures. The best way to introduce pumpkin into our daily diet is through creams, salads and even desserts, thanks to its sweet taste.

In any of its varieties, the pumpkin will always maintain its many nutritional properties. One of the main qualities of pumpkin is that it has 90% water in its composition, in addition to very few calories and carbohydrates.

Its minerals and vitamins include folic acid, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron or zinc, among others. Its high content of beta-carotenes is also of special importance, the same ones that give it its characteristic orange tone.

Not forgetting the presence of oleigo, palmitic, linoleic acids or amino acids. Gulab is a sweet from Indian and Pakistani cuisine, although it can also resemble pastry preparations from countries such as Jamaica, Trinidad and even Arabic cuisine.


250 g of pumpkin puree

160 g cornstarch

50 g of brown sugar

1 large egg

16 g of baking powder suitable for celiacs

Sugar and cinnamon, to coat




Cut the pumpkin and bake it until it is tender and with it you can make a puree. The other way is to boil the pumpkin, let it cook, strain it to drain the water and make a puree. With the first method it is much better and with more flavor and substance. The important thing is to make the puree.

Place the puree in a container and add the sugar plus the cornstarch, cardamom, saffron and sifted baking powder.

Beat the egg and add it to the previous mixture. Mix everything until they are integrated. Make balls with this dough and fry them in very hot sunflower oil.

When they are golden brown, you take them out of the pan and put them on absorbent paper towels and then we bathe them in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon.


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