Learn how to make a tasty pepper and tomato soup: quick and easy recipe

Pepper and tomato soup is one of those spoon dishes that is always worth having on hand. It is a recipe that will be cooked in record time with ingredients that we surely have at our disposal.

Learn how to make a tasty pepper and tomato soup: quick and easy recipe

Red or green peppers are a must in any kitchen, they are used in countless stews and they are always available to add their color, flavor and good properties to any dish.

Red or green peppers are a must in any kitchen

Tomato is surely one of the most popular fruits that exists, ideal for salads and sauces, it is very easy to cook with any technique. Take note of a tomato and pepper soup for those special occasions. 


Olive oil

1 large tomato

1 green pepper

½ Onion

2 cloves of garlic


Two day bread

300 g of cheese in oil


1 tablet of concentrated broth

1 bunch of purple grapes



The first thing we have to do to prepare this recipe for pepper and tomato soup is pour a splash of olive oil in a clay pot. And we put it on fire.

Then we peel and dice a large tomato. We wash and dice a green pepper, and peel and cut half an onion also into small squares. Finally, we peel and cut two cloves of garlic into squares.

Next, add all the vegetables and a little salt to the saucepan over low heat so that it sautées well without burning. Stirring occasionally.

While the vegetables are sautéing, cut about 300 g of cheese in oil into cubes and reserve it in a small bowl.

We cut a two or three day old loaf of bread into thin slices. Then we cut these slices in half.

When the vegetables are golden brown, add 500 ml of water and the crushed concentrated stock cube. Later, we rectify the seasoning if necessary.

After a few minutes, add the bread to the saucepan until it is golden brown and remove from the heat.

We wash a bunch of purple grapes and place them in a bowl.

To finish, we serve the tomato and pepper soup with the grapes, the cheese in oil and a good glass of wine.

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