Ricotta Tortellini recipe with coconut cream and curry

This recipe results from a perfect combination of cultures and different regions of the whole world

The Ricotta Tortellini dish with coconut cream and curry is perfect to serve in a delicious lunch or dinner when you want to leave the typical dish of your house. There is no better recipe to surprise your family than with this creamy curry.

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Spectacular recipe for ricotta tortellini with coconut cream and curry that has a brutal taste in the mouth. The freshness of the coconut and the power of the curry, blend perfectly with the ricotta cheese and pasta.


Step by step

  1. We start the tortelini recipe by sautéing the vegetables cut into julienne strips or to your liking add the mushrooms, apart from boiling the carrot in small pieces, separate it in a bowl, fry the bacon cut into strips and reserve.
  2. Boil the ricotta tortellini reserve to know how long you have to boil the tortellini, it is best to look at the container.
  3. Once the vegetables are fried, add the white wine. Let the white wine evaporate and now add the dried oregano and the chicken seasoning, then the coconut cream at 180 degrees and let it heat up.
  4. Now we add the ginger and the Indian curry ... red or green.
  5. Let the broth boil and thicken, once we have the sauce corrected to taste, add the carrot the tortellini over a high heat 200 degrees, serve the ricotta tortellini with coconut cream and hot curry with a little basil and Gruyère cheese if desired wants.
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