Vegan or vegetarian?

More and more people are joining this new diet.


But do you really know all about it and its differences? Today we will mention some of its characteristics.


people who decide to stop including meat and fish in their eating plan, but they can consume eggs and dairy products, but there is not one type of vegetarian, among them are:

The reasons why certain people are vegetarians can be different. Some abstain from meat for health considerations. Others do it out of concern for the environment. Also, oppose the consumption of animal products for ethical reasons, as well as those who do so on the basis of religious reasons


people who DO NOT consume any type of food of animal origin.

The fundamentals of veganism include ethical, environmental, health and humanitarian arguments.

This eating plan is carried out for many reasons but in general, it follows the idea of putting into practice a more respectful and empathic relationship with animals, since it is understood that they are living beings with the ability to love, feel and make decisions.

The main products and services excluded in veganism are: meat, eggs, honey, milk and derivatives, leather, wool and skins; cosmetics and drugs tested on animals.

Daniel Pire

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