Does rice really makes us fat? Rakul Preet Singh reveals what an expert has to say!

Eating biryani or rajma chawal are not going to make you fat, reveal Rakul Preet Singh and her nutritionist in this video.

When it comes to carbohydrates we all have our own set of beliefs. How many carbs should we eat in a day, will they make us gain weight, is night time the right time to nosh on them… we all ponder about these questions. And so does De De Pyaar De starlet Rakul Preet Singh.

It might seem like she avoids carbs to stay in shape but that’s not the case. In her all-new YouTube series, “WTF – What The Food”, Rakul revealed that she eats rice, because her nutritionist permits. She made this big revelation in the first episode of her myth-busting series where she can be tackling common myths that people have about food. 

Rakul Preet Singh digs into the rice myth. Image Source:

To give a foolproof take on all such myths she has with her celebrity nutritionist, Rashi Chowdhary. Let’s see what her take is on carbs: "They aren’t bad at all if you are a conscious with them."

Finally, Rashi is bringing us out of our miseries and as she suggests that carbs are not at all bad. In fact, they are one of the major macronutrients in the food we eat. However, with carbs all have to remember is:

If these things are sorted then carbs are harmless. Rakul and Rashi are also breaking myths about white rice:

“Rice will make you fat, well, I get this a lot as well. The worst thing is that people think that brown rice is better than white rice but the truth is white rice is better than all other kinds of rice available out there,” said Chowdhary. 

Here’s why white rice is better than the rest:

Eating carbs at dinner is not a sin

Shocked! Well, so were we but according to the nutritionist you can eat clean carbs like rice if you are having an early dinner. She also states that if you are training really hard then there is no harm in eating carbs. 

Also, if you are someone who doesn’t get a good night’s sleep then you should totally add carbs to your dinner to sleep like a baby.

In fact, in this video Rakul Preet also revealed her love for Rajma Chawal and how she treats herself by mixing ghee and jaggery in a small bowl of rice after lunch. Who would have thought right?

Draining your rice won’t make it less starchy. BAZINGA!

“This is such a myth. By a miniscule of grams your carbs go down if you drain them (sic),” revealed Ms Chowdhary. So whether you throw out starchy water or not, rice is still carbs. Just remember to combine it with some lentils or veggies and you are good to go.

Must say, thanks Rakul for bringing rice back into our lives. 

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