See Neena Gupta's secrets to take care of your own body

We’ve got you some of Neena Gupta’s best-kept self-care secrets, fresh from her Instagram feed. You’re welcome!

If there’s one ageless beauty we can’t stop drooling over, it’s Bollywood actress Neena Gupta. Over the years, she has created a new fan base of loyalists thanks to  her unabashed honesty and how she lives her life sans any filter. And we got an even better peek into her life during the lockdown, when she put out pictures of herself on Instagram at her home in Mukteshwar. 

Learn the best self-care tips from Neena Gupta

As a celebrity, she has always led a fast-paced life, so she utilised this time to slow down and practice self-care like never before! And guess what, we keep going back to her Instagram feed to get motivated from time to time. 

So without further ado, let’s get down to sharing the best self-care secrets, from none other than Neena Gupta. 

1. Practicing yoga is a must
Scroll through the actress’s Instagram page, and you’ll find her nailing even the most complex yoga poses. That’s because she has been practicing yoga, ever since she was a child.

“I’ve been doing yoga since my childhood, but in the last few months, there were only four days, I didn’t do it. I’ve been very regular and I have got time to look after my body,” she shares.

Although she shares her yoga routine with her audience, Neena doesn’t give any specific tips related to the exercise. That’s because she believes it isn’t right to learn yoga from social media—instead she advises people to get hold of a good instructor, so that you can do the right workout!

Practicing yoga regularly has several benefits: it enhances flexibility, promotes weight loss, and even uplifts your mental state!

2. Walk, walk, walk
Yes ladies, walking is a favourite of this diva! Plus, it’s such a treat to see her walking through the hilly vales of Mukteshwar. Dressed in jogging pants and sneakers, she takes a stroll through lush forests, and we can’t stop appreciating the beauty!

“I am in Mukteshwar, walking in the forest, on the road. See nobody else is here and such a beautiful view. I am enjoying it, Bye!” she shared in an Instagram video.

In an interview with Vogue, she had earlier shared, “I love walking, and I feel it encourages me to stay fit, inside and outside.”

That’s the secret to Neena Gupta’s fit and fabulous look, so how about we all embrace it?

3. Giving your skin some TLC
One look at Neena, and you know that she can give even the youngsters a run for their money! And that’s only because she gives enough TLC to her skin.

Whether it is dry brushing, following a proper skincare routine, or even try jade rolling—she has tried it all during the quarantine. “I have never scrubbed my feet so much everyday, like I have here,” she says. “I put a pack, I never put a pack!” she confirmed in an interview to Vogue.

So ladies, take some time out and devote to self-care. Use face masks or give yourself a good pedicure; after all, your body deserves all this pampering!

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