Shilpa Shetty’s besan and coconut barfi recipe is all you need for a guilt-free indulgence

Festivities call for a feast, but it doesn’t always have to be unhealthy! Here’s how you can recreate Shilpa Shetty’s healthy dessert recipe.

If there’s one celebrity we look up to for health and fitness advice, it is none other than Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty! From popularising yoga to practicing healthy eating—this diva has done it all. And yet again, she has proved that a healthy lifestyle does not mean compromising on your cravings. 

Try this super delicious barfi recipe by Shilpa

This year, too, Shilpa celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi in style, and guess who gave her company? This healthy barfi that can easily be made at home. So, are you ready? Take out your aprons and let’s get started right away!

Here are all the ingredients that you’ll need:


1. In a pan, add besan and ghee and roast till fragrant and golden.
2. In a separate pan, add fresh or desiccated coconut and roast for 2-3 minutes. Meanwhile, you can start preparing the syrup by heating the water and jaggery till the jaggery dissolves.
3. Once the besan is roasted, add the desiccated coconut into the besan mixture and mix them well.
4. Now, gradually add the sweet syrup to this mixture, and keep stirring.
5. Cook this mixture for a while, and then sprinkle cardamom and flaxseed powder (you can skip flaxseed powder if you want)
6. Cook this mixture, until it has a thick and sticky consistency.
7. Lastly, add chopped dry fruits, melon seeds and switch off the flame.
8. Lightly grease a plate with ghee, and spread this mixture on a plate.
9. Flatten it out, top it with melon seeds and voila, it’s ready.
10. Cut it in the shape of a barfi after an hour.

Pro tip: Use peanut or coconut oil, instead of ghee, if you want to make it vegan.

Who said staying at home means zero celebration? Put your chef hat on and make this barfi, every time you crave something sweet. After all, what’s better than enjoy a sweet treat without piling on the guilt? Do try this recipe and let us know how it turned out in the comments!

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